Monday, August 25, 2008

Here we go ...

Welcome fans, fellow rappers, critics, YouTube watchers, people that I actually know, and random Internet creepers.

You’ve reached the brand new Kid Twist web site. Instead of posting terrible songs I recorded four years ago, I’ve decided to dedicate this site to something that at least a few people actually care about – my battles.

This will be the place to see all of my battle videos in one convenient and awesome-looking location. I’m using the blog format because I’ll also be posting commentary with each clip, to give you guys some inside info: my state of mind before and after the battle, jokes that you had to be there to get, that kind of thing. I always thought it would be interesting for a battler to do something like this, so why not me?

I’ll also be using the blog to help hype up some of the events I’m involved with, like the King Of the Dot battles and the Grind Time Canada vs. USA competition. I’m going to try and post a new video every week day, so keep checking back for more content.

So that’s the deal. Battles will probably be going up in chronological order, unless I decide to switch it up. Just cause I’m a jerk like that.



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