Monday, August 25, 2008

Kid Twist vs Dominance

This is the first stage battle I ever did. It’s one of my favourites to this day, for the simple fact that I walked into this place completely unknown, wearing incredibly tight jeans, and ended up blowing everyone away.

Another thing I like about this clip is that everything I said, I came up with while I was at the venue, and most of it was thought up while Dominance was rapping. As opposed to JumpOff, where you have six months to write a full-length novel for everyone.

People who have only seen this on YouTube might not get why my first line was so funny. Basically, they handed out slips of paper to all the battlers with numbers on them, and I got number 4. But the handwriting was so bad that from the wrong angle it looked like a 1. So I went up first, only to have the promoter tell me “That’s a 4, homey,” which got quite a few laughs. I knew I had to use that or I’d have no crowd support from the start. So I did.

Also, you can’t see in the video, but Dominance’s shirt had a poorly drawn gun on it and said “Decrease the Peace.” Which explains my closer in the first verse.

And for anyone who doesn’t know what DJ Starting From Scratch looks like (he spins on Flow 93.5, so he’s kind of a local celebrity), let me tell you this comparison was DEAD on. Much more on point than me being Pee Wee Herman, despite the fact that line’s been repeated by pretty much everyone else who’s battled me ever. Oh well.

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