Friday, September 26, 2008

Kid Twist & PORICH vs Organik & Knamelis

This battle is what really put me and Rich on track to win the Toronto division. Organik and Knamelis came into the competition as the clear favourites, and I still remember how shocked we were that we had actually beat them. Rich phoned his brother afterwards to tell him what happened, and he kept knocking on wood after saying that we won. We both became very superstitious for the rest of the day. Rich was fighting a massive rum headache as well, which made the victory that much more surprising.

I agree with Organik’s comment in the interview that it could’ve been called for their team after the first overtime. His “Hi mom/pylon” punch and the follow-up were killer. I don’t feel too bad about it though, since it was far from the worst decision of the day. But if the judges had given them the win, I think it would’ve taken away all our momentum and changed the outcome of the whole WRC. Bishop and Stretch Diesel probably would’ve finished first in the division, and murdered Illmac and Thesaurus in two rounds en route to winning the championship.

The funniest part of this battle by far is Scott Boogie’s spiel right before the fourth round: “Round 2, Round 3 … I’m looking at this, it means we’re going to overtime.” The reason this is so hilarious is that the card was blank. The judges would just tell him the decision verbally, so they could use the same card in every shot. And to think that he’s Canada’s next Prime Minister.

My other favourite part is Knamelis’ face in the interview when Organik quotes my sunscreen line. He just gives this slow nod, like he’s thoughtfully analyzing the concept of using cum cream to block Ultraviolet rays. Even he says he didn’t do as well in the WRC as he could have, but I thought his whole personality was untouchable all day.

Stay tuned, more WRC blogs on the way soon …


marcelo said...

Great battle. I just wonder how do you practice your battle skills?

John said...

yo post the kotd between u and bartone with commentary

MisfitMarx said...

Dam you raps are fire let me now when you in Connecticut so we can set up a rap battle for you.