Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kid Twist vs PORICH

This battle was a loooong time coming. Me and Rich actually battled before I faced Prolific for the first time, as a practice bout for the upcoming competition. We’ve talked about doing a serious rematch ever since. There have been several times that we were planning to get together and film it, and it didn’t work out for whatever reason. Then we were supposed to face each other at the last Proud to Be Eh Battle Emcee, but Rich got severely jerked against Chuck Ice. So when Organik asked us to do this with only a week’s notice, we said yes very quickly.

In my honest opinion, this is one of the closest battles that has happened in a long time. I can’t remember any other match-up where both competitors were so consistent since Thesaurus vs Justice. Some people think that Rich should’ve won because he came with a steadier flow and more aggression. Some people think I should’ve won because I was funnier and paused more to let my lines sink in. To me, that’s what a battle SHOULD come down to – who’s style was stronger, not who used more “multis” (worst word ever) in a row.

Lines that might need an explanation: there was a random inebriated bum who interrupted the previous battle between Tricky and HFK, shouting out rhymes about world peace and how we should all just get along (seriously). Which is where my crackhead reference came from. And if you didn’t get the Craig G line, watch this. I’m not going to break down all the personals because it would take 25 years, so let me just say that if something sounded like it was true, it almost certainly was.

Also, Rich and I were both planning to go first if we won the coin toss, which is why I called him a “fucker” when he said he would start. And during our final round, there were literally 6 cops standing on either side of the cameraman. They were not only nice enough to let us keep filming, they actually laughed and reacted to what we were saying.

This was a great day for Canadian hip-hop. Classic battles (go watch Tricky vs HFK if you haven’t yet), huge crowd, and all organized in a week. Big thanks and respect to Organik and the whole King of the Dot team for throwing this. T-dot beyotch.


John said...

Good battle mane. Any new ones coming out?

John said...

holy shit man you are fire. how could you still be so relentless to your own partner? good shit