Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kid Twist vs Prolific (Part One)

Here’s the reason that a couple of people knew my name when I entered the WRC. Before this, the only footage I had seen of Prolific was the small clip of his battle with Illmaculate from the Spin the Mic trailer. I thought he was going to be really tall.

I still get a lot of comments on YouTube saying that this battle is great, but in all honesty I feel my performance was really lacking. Horrible voice cracks, awkward stage presence, and rapping that was kind of on beat sometimes. Oh, and the accidental (I swear) biting of Iron’s “Kurt Cobain/burst your brain” scheme. The Spinal Tap, Jesus, and impression lines are the shit though.

After the loss I ended up bouncing, but my friend with the camera stayed and recorded the next rounds, which included Organik beating Prolific en route to winning the event. I’ve always really wanted to see that battle – unfortunately, I’m not in touch with the guy who has it anymore, so I doubt it will ever surface.

I do remember Organik saying that it was almost going to be a three-way final (before a couple more emcees showed up) and he would’ve wanted it to be me, him, and Pro. Imagine if it had happened that way. Insanity.

Also, the crowd at this battle was actually pretty small. So when you hear the big reactions, it’s because literally everyone in the room is going nuts.

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