Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kid Twist vs Mr. Mumbles

This took place at the next installment of Proud to Be Eh Battle Emcee (where I faced Prolific for the first time). It’s actually the semi-finals. In the first round, I went up against a kid named Spit Circuit – he choked pretty badly, and my performance wasn’t great, so I never uploaded the video. I don’t think I even have it anymore. The only I good thing I said was, “You would finish dead last battling a special ed class.” So there you go.

There’s a few lines here that might be funnier with an explanation, especially if you’re not from Toronto. 416 is the area code for the city; 905 is the burbs. Mumbles is a proud suburbanite, so he named his record label 905th Brigade, which is what it said on his T-shirt. That’s where those area code lines came from.

He had done a set that night as well, which is why I said I wanted my money back. Also, before the battle happened, I was standing on stage waiting for about 15 minutes while he had a cigarette outside. Thus the smoke break reference.

My favourite part of the battle is when he says he’s going to steal my girl. She was standing right beside the camera, so when he did that line, he was literally inches away from her. Most awkward battle moment ever.

I kept the T-shirt, by the way. It was in my closet for a bit. Then I donated it to Goodwill.

Cameo appearance: Future WRC partners Organik and Knamelis, as judges.

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