Friday, August 29, 2008

Kid Twist vs Prolific (Part Two)

For some reason, sequels are just never as good as the original.

Let me say that there was a lot of tension between Prolific and I at this event. After the first battle blew up on YouTube, I think we both felt like we had a lot to prove. And based on that previous bout as well as his other verses that night, I really was not expecting him to come at me like he did. His whole first round, I was thinking, “Fuck. I should’ve prepared more.”

Out of the footage I have online, I would say this is my worst performance by far. I was really trying to focus on my delivery, so I would actually have a little bit of, you know, stage presence – it kind of worked against Mumbles, but not so much here. I just sound like I have a terrible sinus infection.

Best part of this video: Organik’s reactions to our lines. Watch the far right of the screen and you’ll see him once in a while, jumping around like a spider monkey (WRC joke).

Worst part of this video: the chick standing RIGHT BESIDE the camera who refuses to stop her drunken screaming. She didn’t even come with Prolific, she was the girlfriend of one of the other rappers who performed that night. I love her reaction when I tell her to shut the fuck up: “That’s dirty.”

Also, the punchline that Prolific could’ve sworn was going to be “facial skin” was actually, “This dude’s falling off faster than the roof on Olympic Stadium.” Check the link and you’ll understand the reference. For some reason no one got it, despite the fact that it was minor news 9 years ago.

So yeah, a deserved loss in my opinion. But the real loss is that Prolific cut his hair after this, and I never got to compare him to Garth from Wayne’s World.

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