Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kid Twist & PORICH vs Jack Shitt & Speakeasy

This is the reason that I’m famous to weird people on the Internet: JumpOff’s World Rap Championships. Before I get into the first battle, let me give you some background on how I got involved with the WRC, since originally I didn’t even enter.

My second battle with Prolific happened in late December of 2006. After that, due to school and other things in my personal life, I decided I was pretty much done with battling. I knew PORICH through his producer – Adu Bamboo (makes incredibly sick beats, check his page out) – and we had recorded a few songs together. When JumpOff announced that they were holding qualifiers in Toronto, Rich asked me to partner with him right away; I told him I was officially retired.

So the TO qualifiers arrive. Rich’s partner flakes out on him, and Adu ends up having to step in literally last minute as a replacement. I was out of the battle scene loop at this point, so I didn’t see the qualifying videos until two weeks before the main competition was going to happen. I watched Rich single-handedly murder everyone (including Aspire and Prolific) and suddenly got the itch to get back in the ring. So I hit him up and asked if the spot was still open. My name was on JumpOff’s site the next day.

As far as this battle goes, I was happy just to get up there and start rapping. We got to the venue at 11 in the morning, and the competition didn’t start until about 3 pm. The rest of the time was taken up filming pre-battle interviews, ciphers, and a whole series of epic walking montage footage. None of which was ever used.

I remember Knamelis telling me that he talked to Harry after this battle was over. Harry said that my Sparta line was the best one yet, and Knamelis agreed it was definitely the punch of the day so far. Harry said, “No, I mean the best line out of any division we’ve filmed.” Of course, they hadn’t done LA or Detroit yet. But it was still cool.

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jayrex said...

Loved the line "and fuck you too."